As a former president takes a photo opportunity after the death of more than 3,000 innocent Americans, to most it seemed to be based on patriotism, however we now know it was treason. It was all political theater designed to mislead the public away from understanding what really happened in 2001.

September of 2001 was the largest, and most elaborate act of self imposed terrorism to date.

“Democide” is when a government murders it’s own citizens, and on that dreadful day in 2001 terrorism by Government insiders was again used to murder the American citizens. Who would have thought at the time that our own president was lying about everything that took place!

Both the president and most politicians knew that it was explosives that brought down the three buildings in New York City. Home of largest population of Zionist outside the Holy Land.  The Hollywood inspired aircraft stunts failed to divert attention away from the fact that the three buildings were already wired with explosives.

Bush and many others involved in treason acted out their roles pretending foreigners of the Muslim faith had attacked America, when all along they knew that they themselves had committed the acts of terrorism. How could they not know? The politicians and news media continue to pretend, they pretend to be totally ignorant of all the explosives. 

The aircraft crashing into the twin towers was a dramatic stunt designed to divert attention away from the thermite and explosives planted in three New York buildings before the aircraft ever arrived at the crime scene. The big question in which the communist news media never touched was “who planted the explosives in the three buildings”?

The 9-11 scheme was indeed elaborate, but also sloppy.  We don’t need confessions from the guilty when undeniable evidence speaks so clearly. World trade center building 7 came crashing down in the middle of the afternoon, what better evidence could you have that  explosives really brought “all three buildings down”.

The aircraft alibi was weak in terms of the twin towers, so the Solomon building 7 being untouched by aircraft confirms what most people already know. The terrorist murder stunt of 9-11 was a Zionist/communist act of treason. 

Bush Lied. He pretended the United States was attacked by someone else. Hold on to your hats,  this evil scheme for worldwide domination is just getting started. who knows what they will do next, Bush vowed to “get the terrorist where they are”.

The part he did not tells us, the next phase he never mentioned was about is all the refugees from needless wars. Wars that had nothing to do with 9-11.  This political drama is played out in real life with real people and the news media is a major part of the “deception”. 

Notice how they are now loading  up Europe, America, and other countries with hostile refugees and illegal immigrants to help them destroy free nations. Rogue elements in Gov’t, business, and the Catholic church are engineering powder keg situations that can be exploited with their future acts of terrorism. Hordes of Foreign people are brought in to weaken and destabilize these nation, and despite what the lying media wants people to believe trained terrorist are also brought in with ease.  

They had plans to attack various foreign nations and your freedom long before September 11th ever happened. 

Hollywood and Government have merged this is extremely dangerous, another version of the merging Church and state.

Where’s the Jumbo Jet at the Pentagon Mr. President?



The blatant omission of all the pertinent facts of every terrorist murder drama large and small played out in America to this very day means the news media may as well be ran by the communist Chinese. After all it was the Zionist who brought communism to China teaching them to murder more than 60 million of there own citizens in the so-called great leap forward.

Now the Zionist are using communist China against America, just like the Zionist/communist used America against Germany in the last world war.


A lie never becomes the truth!

The key point to realize here is that American politicians sworn to uphold the Constitution, and the media are following the “dictates of Lenin” helping the Zionist overthrow the American Government. We now have a made for America Bolshevik revolution taking place and the sold-out F.B.I. ignores the sedition of George Soros while investigating the seating President. The Anti-American communist media never ever mentions the word “Treason”.

From 9-11 to all the terrorist murder drama’s in schools, and public events played out to disarm Americans and overthrow the Government broadcast by the fake news can never be true. Evidence not the foolish cult members that follow Lenin will prevail.

Deep down who really believed Osama Ben Laden and his followers were even remotely capable of the type of expertise required in the 9-11 attacks. It was the strong emotion of fear that was used to try and short circuit one’s thinking.

The fake media wanted everyone to believe mere shepherds who played the terrorist roles who also seemed incapable of operating a common smart phone, were somehow capable of evading all the radar systems of a super power nation.

America’s expertise in terms of radar systems was so sophisticated the U.S invented an aircraft (B-2 Stealth bomber) capable evading all known radar systems. How then does this nation responsible the creation and detection of super hi-tech radar systems get “caught off guard” with a combination devastating terrorist attacks?

The simple answer is America was never caught off guard by the terrorist attacks. It was actually treason taking place with Norad and the deep state. The terrorism happened all by design, to bring about the type of change and control which essentially takes over the American government.

This very individual was the reason “they used” to take away our rights and privacy under the law claiming to “keep us Safe”. They told us Ben Laden’s Al Qaeda used aircraft to attack us on September 11 2001 killing more than 3,000 people.

However with lightening speed the identities of the terrorist were broadcast, and bogus new agencies were created (TSA) to basically molest everyone boarding aircraft claiming to “Keep us Safe”, and DHS is even worst.

The question becomes keep us safe from who, or what?

No real investigation ever took place and the evidence of the 2001 attacks were never discussed.

We also find the same news media responsible for the 9-11 saga serving as “information gatekeeper” specializing in censorship and diverting attention away from the real evidence. Again the evidence was concealed while the redundant narrative of 4 Jumbo passenger planes eluded radar tracking long enough to strike (of all places the “pentagon”) and two landmark skyscrapers in America’s most populated city, and town in Pennsylvania.

On top of all the strange events that took place we were told box cutters were used to commandeer all 4 aircraft. Has the fake news industry gone insane to suggest the success of the 2001 terrorist attacks happened as a result of using “BOX CUTTERS”?

Almost immediately after the terrorism of 2001 photo’s of the Al Qaeda members of were posted all over the media. Even a passports of a terrorist was found intact after a jet’s devastating mid air collusion with a huge sky scraper and fiery explosion.

None of the news media’s “fake non-sense” rings true, it’s all far too similar to a Hollywood movie script, and some type of covert merger taking place between Hollywood, and the deep state elements of our besieged government.

A far more plausible explanation suggest tyrannical government insiders, and their totally corrupted financiers merging with the news media who scripted actors (many who are also politicians) to carry out the 2001 terrorist attacks using “Osama” as their lead actor. Osama Ben Laden was brought from obscurity and made mega Star practically overnight.

As quiet as it’s kept none of the most famous Hollywood movies stars ever achieved such immediate worldwide super stardom as Osama Ben Laden.

The vilification of Islam insured that Muslims would be cast to carrying out the 2001 fake news movie roles, while the real 9-11 terrorist are the deep state planners and financiers that were responsible for the 2001 terrorism. Destroying the enemies of Israel has always been the target in the wider terrorism objective. 9-11 was the opening chapter and the spring board for terrorist expansion worldwide.

All across the world the man hunt for Ben Laden and his group Al Qaeda was acted out, However the actors/politicians at the highest levels of our government knew it was all a big pretence. The big screen was replaced by actors on the world scene playing out the 9-11 drama.

In the mountains of Afghanistan in a place called Toro Bora the suspense was heighten when we were told Ben Laden and his rebels were cornered, and about to be captured. But no capture ever took place it was all theater. We were told Ben Laden escaped the vast dragnet of CIA and military personnel, no doubt the fake news industry has mislead the American people every step of the way. Ben Laden made his escape, if in fact he was ever at the Toro Bora mountains. “The main focus is where’s the escape for the American people from the flood of communist spying on practically everything we do”.

Our phone are spied on, our e-mails, our reading habits, our internet searches, our banking records, our vehicles are being tracked, our cell phones are tracked, and how can one forget how we are practically molested at airports. The terrorist stunts which were staged in 2001 was not designed to keep anyone safe they were designed to take away our rights, our liberties, and our freedom under the Constitution and bill of Rights.

Not only here in America, but all across the world, the evidence shows it’s communism, in it’s many disguises. Consider our loss of rights, the take over of Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and many other nations. How does one explain “absolutely no mention” (in Fake News Media) of a huge jumbo jet missing from the pentagon crime scene???

Not one politician, not one federal judge, not one supreme court justice mentioned the undeniable fact that no jumbo jet can be found at the pentagon. Why; because No jumbo Jet crashed into the Pentagon! No jumbo jet crashed in shanksville, Pennsylvania, and no jumbo jets brought down the Twin towers. The most damning evidence of all is the implosion of World Trade Center building 7.

The production of the 9-11 melodrama falls apart when considering 47-story steel-framed skyscraper housing government agencies such as the IRS, the EEOC, the US Secret Service, the SEC, and the CIA. It just exploded and fell in the ground at 5:20 PM several hours after the twin tower had already came crashing down.

No terrorist claimed responsibility and no terrorist were accused of bringing this huge building down. The fake media did make a news report and were caught lying throughout the entire broadcast.

World trade center building 7 had a very interesting array of tenants which also included Salomon Smith Barney, American Express Bank International, Standard Chartered Bank, Provident Financial Management, ITT Hartford Insurance Group, First State Management Group, Inc., Federal Home Loan Bank, and NAIC Securities. What type of terrorist would seek to destroy the case files in ongoing investigations companies with companies such as Enron and Worldcom?

The Securities and Exchange Commission lost from 3000 to 4000, the EEOC at lost least 45 active case files, and the IRS, C.I.A, and the US secret service succeeded in destrying information that might prove incriminating. Morgan Stanley and Author Anderson were a few more companies let off the hot seat when building 7 came tumbling down.

It’s quite amazing none of the true terrorist found a way to blame Islam for bringing down WTC building 7. it’s comparable to putting off an enormous heist and leaving your ID’S at the scene. What possible reason could there for Islamist carrying out 4 terrorist attacks and forgetting about building seven? It’s because the Islamist were not at all capable of the 9-11 attacks, other than Saudi Arabia helping to Finance the terror attacks.

The real terrorist of all are those responsible for bringing down of WTC building 7. The mystery building. Surly if the fake news industry were called the state news far closer to the truth. The state news the designation the communist use for there news media. A communist country would never report on something the state wanted to cover-up. Why become communist country don’t have a free press. When considering the evidence just ask yourself does America have a free press? See the slide into communism?

No out cry was heard from any leading figures concerning the demolition of WTC building 7. A strange silence fell over America, no one demanded a real explanation to such a colossal oddity. America was not the same after the 9-11 with something called “Political correctness”. This was a different type of bomb that went off and a great silence fell on Americans (sold out) leadership.

Every one at the top that mattered said what they were told to say. The lower levels of our society of those who had information and were willing to speak out were murdered. No one speaks about (including the fake news media) the families of 9-11 victims who could not get paid without signing agreements not to sue or speak out about the 9-11 tragedy. There was one of all the families victimized by the 9-11 terrorism who would not accept the hush money and boldly sought  justice for her loved one.

Beverly Eckhart did all one women could do to break though the wall of silence, and find any governmental official not bribed into secrecy concerning all the fallacies put forth by the 9-11 attacks.

The widow of Sean Rooney namely Ms Eckhart finally had the opportunity to speak with Baruch Obama formally known as Barry Soetoro who feigned helping Ms Eckhart by giving her ticket to continental flight 3407 which crashed and burned 6 days after meeting Obama, murdering Ms Eckhart, and 49 other innocent people.

Again no real investigation took place and very little media coverage by the state/fake news media. By February 13 2009 when Ms Eckhart was murdered the iron curtain of political correctness had grown in leaps and bounds.  When our Gov’t murders it’s own citizens in a plane crash that kills 49 people we have extreme corruption taking place in our Zionist besieged nation.

The list goes on with the murder of a Jew named Paul Wellstone he and his entire family killed in a plane crash. The timely murder of senator Wellstone took place when control of the senate was 50-49 and Wellstone stood in president Bush Jr. stood in the  way of  (former president Bush) Zionist quest to invade Iraq.

Under Bill Clinton 34 people were murdered including his secretary of commerce Ron Brown. Bill and Hillary were laundering dirty money through the Clinton foundation, and also extorting money from the communist Chinese and others.Ron Brown being investigated and willing to testify against the Clinton was murdered in a plane crash along with 33 others.

The entirely Anti-American scheme known as political correctness was invented by a communist named Leon Trotsky. This high ranking Communist was born David Bronstein, who was not a Russian, but a Jew. Of course the state news media would never question why the concepts and practices of a leading communist would be implemented here in America. The whole title of “9-11” also being the emergency police number reeks of over the top, off the charts corruption. Suggesting a premeditated date someone thought up as a surreal motion picture label for the 2001 terrorist attacks starring Osama Ben Laden.

Trotsky spent his time in New York City, and being financed by the international Zionist banker Jacob Schiff , became the barbaric leader of the Red Army after the Jews brought communism to Russia  though the Bolshevik revolution scheme.

One year after the contrived terrorist events of 2001 the New York city lottery offered their wicked kiss to those who played the number 911. For in the following year 2002, 911 was the winning lottery ticket number. This also underscores the deep corruption that exists, and total absents of accountability throughout shadow government and all those linked to it. The control control the state lotteries nationwide, and they are rigged too. The taxes from lottery winning don’t go to the government the taxes go to the Zionist bankers.

“If you see something say something” was part of the 9-11 indoctrination in a attempt to shift the focus away from the real terrorist, and create fear, making Americans suspicious of one another and promoting the snitch mentality. This way of thinking is very prominent in communist nations.

By treasonous design “If you see something say something” excludes testimony from those hearing and seeing explosions in the twin towers, and the type of aircraft parts one would expect to find at 4 of the terrorist crime scene locations. No mention by the fake/state media of the thermite and all the mangled steel shipped to Communist China before it could be tested for explosive residue. It must have been Osama Ben Laden and Al Qaeda who planted explosives and thermite in WTC building 7 and the twin towers before the two planes hit.

The Zionist are no doubt behind the terrorism here in America and abroad, and all the evidence the fake/Zionist media attempts to cover-up really serves as the confirmation. The Zionist media hopes for an emotional response to the terrorism they create and finance. They want fear.

It was by terrorism that the Zionist acquired their long sought after homeland, it seems that by terrorist methods the communist world order Zionist envision is within reach. After all according to the Talmud everyone else is beneath Jews and treated as cattle used to serve Zionist purposes.

Unfortunately at this point the American Government does not seem to recognize how the Israeli’s guides U.S. leadership into our own demise, treating us as if they are dealing with a nation of chumps.

The Zionist attitude seems to be terrorism  works and provides the desired results why not just keep on doing it until communist world domination has been achieved. Upon examination of all the false flag operations here and aboard it would be naive to think otherwise. The bombing of the King David hotel somehow brings to mind the bombing of the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City.

If America had a free press an examination of the critical evidence, covered-up in 1995 by the fake news industry may have prevented the terrorist attacks of 2001. It’s been more than 16 years since the 9-11 acts of treason. The media censorship of the real evidence of 9-11 has been used as a smoke screen for the convert communist  coup carried out accordance with “Fabian methods”, or some would call the long march.

In revisiting the evidence of treason, we understand how the colossal deception of 9-11 has played upon the minds and fears of America and the world. We understand this great deception has not ended, the names may have changed, but the mission is still the same. The attack on Iraq was an overt military operation based on “yellow cake” lies which is an outgrowth of 9-11, with Saddam and his sons being murdered.

Millions of Iraqi’s were displaced and murdered as a result of the lawless aggression of those vowing to “keep us safe”. The facts confirm that plans to destroy Iraq and install a Zionist central bank was planned long before the 9-11 canard. It does not end there, for the people of Iraq lost their homes and livelihood forcing them to become refugees.

These refugees with pinned up Animosity now flood (mainly) Europe, and at some point will be used in some sort of manufactured crisis to destabilize countries where they have been forced to reside. Make no mistake all these events are connected by political design leading to the communist takeover of Europe and much of the world.


There was no doubt about the death of Saddam, Uday, and Qusay their dead bodies (especially the sons) were well showcased over the media for all to see.

As long as the Israeli’s had America playing Iran against Iraq, Saddam was seen as a trusted operative. The Zionist knowing all along that the true plan was two weaken both sides, which is something the Zionist do all the with absolutely everyone but there own people. The Zionist play everyone against each other, the  people, the laws, the rights, and practically everything else in America and across the world. 

In Libya another byproduct of 9-11 using Al Qaeda mercenaries renamed to incite war against Islam by hunting down and brutally murdering Muammar Gaddafi. This coverage was broadcast worldwide and no doubt, or question about his death. The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with a country having the highest standard of living in Africa was destroyed by terrorist mercenaries. The gold of Libya taken to the Federal Reserve bank of New York City. There was no question about Gaddafi being killed, but Osama Ben Laden was a whole different story. The fake Zionist media lied America into another conflict selling the false notion of Gaddafi being some monster terrorist dictator.

The fake news industry never revealed how Gaddafi provided Free healthcare, free electricity, interest free loans, newly weds received 50,000 to find a home, mothers received 5,000 on birth of a child, citizens received a percentage of all oil sales, providing low gas at about 0.14 per litre, government paid 50% of the price of your car, and the unemployment benefits were outstanding.

The Zionist hate that type of economic fairness and equity in Libya, and does not want that of economic goodness to spread to America or any other country. The mindless sub-human beastly greed compels the Rothschilds to horde the economic wealth they could not spend in a million lifetimes. The evil satanic demons which inhabit these people without a hint of humanity is clearly seen by what they do.  This vast network of evil is ran by Satanic people who do the will of  Lucifer their god.

No free press exist in America only the one-sided Zionist state media who never reported on the type of Government their paid mercenaries and NATO was out to destroy.

The Zionist are Converting this country into a rogue communistic nation bent on revenge for something which has proven to be a elaborate charade. For over ten long years this melodrama of fear and deception was propagated by the fake/state media relentlessly.

The 6 foot 4 inch string bean of a man was unhealthy, and it’s doubtful Ben Laden was even alive after 2003. Ben Laden himself denied being the master mind of the 9-11 attacks. Look in his eyes this guy does not fit the profile of some big scrappy terrorist murderer.

Super star Osama Ben Ladin is who the tyrannical political establishment used with the fake news industry  as an excuse for every new and oppressive measure.

The news movies starring Ben Laden was designed to incite fear and rob America, and the world of any virtue based on the rule of law. The communist are a lawless breed and thieves and murders.

We are all familar with movies that either have a happy ending, end with justice prevailing, or ends with tradegy. The fake news movies with Osama Ben Laden ends with his burial at sea. Why on earth would they burial super star Laden at sea? Did the Zionist media forget to tell us Ben Laden was some type of larger than life admiral terrorizing the seven seas?

The fake news industry had no problem with presenting the dead bodies of Saddam, his sons, and Gaddafi, but after 16 years of waiting Ben Laden gets buried at sea. That’s a pile of B.S. higher than Mount Everest! Movies also end with the hero saving the day. The surreal news movies starring Ben Laden and Al Qeada  casted former president Obama (Barry Soetoro) as the hero in keeping Americans safe from the dreaded terrorist. The names and this whole terrorist ordeal does not ring true, it’s something that some wicked Zionist think tank helped put together. 

The destruction of evidence in terms of human lives just cannot be ignored. Those risking their lives to protect our lives is something we all should be grateful for, and the families of these slain men deserve justice and a real explanation as to the underlining circumstances of there deaths.

“Make no mistake it’s called Treason”

The burial at sea was just another made for Hollywood lie produced by the fake news media which uses journalism as a disguise. The fake new industry uses the perception of journalism as camouflage, and no integrity exist as we all can witness in how the media is being used to try to destroy president Trump.

The Zionist banker financed the take over of Russia creating the Soviet Union. These same international bankers are systematically destroying our nation, and it’s clear they are out to communize this country. The Zionist are the  communist they are no friend of America or anyone else.  What is the Trump administration waiting for another 9-11 or something worst. 


How long does America continue to be the Israeli’s damn fool?

The Zionist central bank is our enemy also.

They work just as hard to destroy America as they do these nations

The Zionist media is out to destroy our president.